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Project History - Subsea

HCL's Smart Products have been used extensively in the Subsea market for the past 20 years - The range of applications is wide and varied and essential anything that needs clamping can become a potential application for the Smart Band. Areas that rely heavily on the use of high cost non-corrosive Metallic strapping such as Titanium or Alloy 625 are very applicable to the use of the Smart Bands & the Smart Ties. These include: Cable Protection, Piggyback Pipelay, VIV Strakes, Sensor Attachment to subsea Structures and risers, Cable attachment, Asset Management and many more.

HCL Smart Products have been installed on many projects worldwide such as Pazflor, Engina, Kaombo, Vincent, Enfield & Wheatstone. The products have also been installed by many of the worlds leading Energy Companies. These include Total, BP, Technip, Saipem, Subsea7 & Aker Solutions.

DeepDown 2018
Smart Band 19mm - Carribean
Parmaplast 2018
Smart Tie 32mm applied to Parmaplast extruded Cable protection system.
Appomatox 2018
Attaching Field Joint Coatings Deepwater using Smart Band 32mm Compact
Appomatox 2018
Attaching Strakes using Smart Band Compact 32mm High Load
Gulf Of Mexico 2017
Attaching Sensors to Risers using Smart Band Compact & PU Saddles
Malaysia 2017
Attaching Ballast Chain to HDPE Pipe using Smart Tie 32mm
Kaombo 2017
Attaching Groupe Courbis Cable Holders Deepwater using Smart band
Kaombo 2017
Attaching GRP Covers Deepwater using Smart Band Compact 32mm
Malakai 2016
Attaching TTMS cables to Oil Rig using Smart Band & Smart Saddles
Bongkot 2012
Using Smart Ties to attach PU Cable Protection
Asia 2007
Using Smart Band to attach cable to pipeline - inspected after 7 years in perfect condition
CLOV 2014
Smart Band 32mm Hybrid used to attach Piggyback Blocks to Jumpers
CLOV 2014
Smart Band 32mm used to attach PU Cable Holder to Riser
GOM 2013
Attaching VIV supression systems (strakes) to Drill Riser System using Smart Band
Enfield & Vincent 2007
Smart Band used with PU saddles to fit Subsea Pipes together
Sensor Attachment 2010 onwards
Smart Band used to attach Riser monitoring sensors made by Pulse Monitoring around the world
Wheatstone 2016
Using Smart Band to attach cables to subsea structures
Tombua Landana
Smart Band used to attach PU Cable Protection System to Pipeline
Using 19mm Smart Band to attach Field Joint Coating Covers
Subsea Structure 2012 onwards
Using Smart Band to attach cables to subsea structures
Akpo 2009
Smart Band used to fit PU Cable Attachment Saddles in Nigeria
Smart Band 19mm used to attach Lankhorst PU Cable Protection Systems
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