Hose Clamps/Special Hose Clamps

Special Hose Clamps

From time to time, customers approach HCL with applications requiring a bespoke clamp design. On such occasions, HCL’s in-house product development team will work closely with the customer to produce a unique clamp, based on either the Herbie Clip® or the Ezyclik™-P, but designed specifically for the particular application. Below are a few examples of special clamp designs:

Capacitor Cradle

Bose Capacitor Cradle Clamp

This special clamp is based on the Herbie Clip®, but has been adapted to function as a capacitor cradle. The clamp incorporates a rectangular recess for fixing it to a sheet metal frame and a living hinge for isolating the capacitor from the frame.

Retaining Clamp

Ezlyclik Automotive Clamp

This bespoke clamp is based on the Ezyclik™-P, but has been modified to retain a moulded spigot in a cast automotive fuel pump housing. The clamp profile was designed to fit snugly around the housing boss, with various retaining features to prevent removal of the spigot or the clamp

Dishwasher Clamp

Boiler Clamp

This special Herbie Clip® is narrower than a standard clip, in order for it to fit in the restricted space on a certain dishwasher application. The head of the clip is full width where possible, so that the clip can be satisfactorily tightened using the Herbie Clip® Hand Tool.

Washing Machine Door Seal Clamp

Washing Machine Door Seal Clamp

This special clamp is based on the Herbie Clip®, but has been adapted to retain the rubber door seal on a washing machine. The clamp incorporates various bespoke features, including sealing, retaining and strengthening ribs.

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