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HCL have a dedicated team of highly qualified engineers on hand to work with the clients on special projects. HCL can design and supply PU Casted, PP injection moulded or machined parts which work in conjunction with the Smart ® Range specifically the Smart ® Band & Ties. HCL also has an in house Tool Shop to enable a quick response to client inquiries and delivery of a complete package including ties & saddles.  These saddles are often referred to as Piggyback saddles and generally used in the attachment of Cables to offshore or Subsea Structures such as Risers, Pipes or Oil Rigs

Polyurethane Cast Saddles

Transocean Saddle
Subsea7 Saddle
PU saddle for 60mm cable
Subsea 7 Saddle 2

Machined Saddles

Cable saddle Dual
SBM Saddle
Cable Saddle - Oil States
Sensor Bracket

Injection Moulded Saddles

Bard Wind Farm Saddle
Subsea & saddle 10mm control line

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Moulded saddleused by Subsea 7 in Egypt to attach control line