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Smart ® Protector | High temperature resistance up to 250°C (482°F) | Fits any tubing diameter or coupling length | Can be used for multi-line installations | Low profile and low friction coefficient | Available for many different cable configurations | new sizes can be developed on request | Will not hang in BOP stack | Easy to mill | works in conjunction with both Ties & Band.

The Smart ® Protector is a patented product developed in co-operation with Shell. It is designed to operate within restricted annular clearances, to accommodate various tubing diameters, all coupling types and most cable combinations.

The Smart ® Protector is not only used as a cable protector downhole it can be used to protect & attach cables in many other situations in conjunction with either the Smart® Band or Smart® Tie. These are the attachment of Cathodic protection cables to Marine structures and the attachment of Sensor cables to Risers Subsea.

Note: The SP-300 & the SP-400-3820 were formerly known as “Boss Clamp”

Smart Protector Material Table

Smart Protector Product Table

Smart Protectors
Schlumberger - USA
EcoPetrol - Oxy - ESP Cable Attachment Colombia - 2
EcoPetrol - Oxy - ESP Cable Attachment Colombia - 1
Transocean UK 1
Shell - PDO - Weatherford - Fibre Optic Sensor Install - Oman 2
Malaki Tendon Tension Monitoring Cable

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