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Smart Band Standard System

Smart Band Standard Compilation
Smart Band on Street sign
10mm used on railway maintenance
Pipe coupling - 10mm semi-releasable (329kb)
Sign 1- 10mm semi-releasable (206kb)

Smart ® Band Standard | Offshore & Onshore Clamping Product | Break Strength up to 500kg (1200lb) | available in PA66 or PA11 for long life requirements | completely non-corrosive| no sharp edges making is easy and safe to install | available in 3 widths 7mm, 10mm & 19mm | sold in reels and buckles separately | can be cut to length to fit any size diameter | range of hand tools available for fast installation |

Smart ® Band Standard is a non-metallic band and buckle system. It is a highly intuitive product making it very easy to fit. It is the ideal strapping solution for less aggressive applications both on and offshore. It is often used in permanent and temporary sign & street furniture fixation.

Smart ® Band Standard system is available in a variety of materials, sizes and reel lengths. It offers long-life and non-corrosive properties, making it the ideal alternative to many high grade stainless steel strapping solutions. Further information can be found in the tables below.

Installation Tools

The following Tools can be used to install the Smart Band Standard Products


Robust easy to use Manual Tool with cutter for the 7mm & 10mm Smart Band Standard


Robust easy to use Manual Tool with cutter for the 19mm Smart Band Standard made from High Strength Polymer and Stainless Steel Parts. Ideal for Diver Install or Sign Attachment


Robust Manual Tool for the 19 Standard System made from High Strength Polymer and Stainless Steel Parts.Additional Torque control attachment to ensure consistent tight fit. Also has built in cutter.


High Speed Air Tool - enables installation of each tie in under 5 seconds. designed and manufactured by HCL - Has built in Air  Cutter.