Onshore Applications

Onshore Applications

Smart products offer the following benefits onshore - 

1. Banding is Fast and Simple Installation

2. Non-Corrosive 100% polymer based strapping & protectors

3. Non-Conductive - Ideal for Powerline Installation - no risk of electrocution and interference

4. No Sharp Edges - Safe to Fit Banding - no risk of cuts or major injuries

5. High Strength & retention - Strongest Polymer Banding System in the World

6. UV & Flame resistant

7. Does not damage Street Furniture, Trees or Pylons - No Sharp Edges

National Grid Pipline
Smart Band & Protectors used to attach Cable to National Grid Pipelines
Utility Poles - New Zealand
Smart Band fitted to Prevent animals climbing up Utility Poles
Safety Wrap
Smart Band fitted to pipe protection products
Golf Course Sensor
Sensor attached to tree on Golf Course
Sign Fixing
10mm Smart Band fixing Sign in Australia
Railway Maintenance
10mm Smart Band used for railway maintenance in the USA
Powerline Sentry
Banding used to attach guard products in USA on Utility Poles
Street Furniture
Smart Band used to attach Waste Bin in Spain
Flexible Pipe Couplings
Smart Band used to attach Flexible Pipe Couplings
Sign Fixing UK
Smart band used to attach signs in UK
Flexible Air Ducts attach using Smart Band
Flowline Senors
Smart Band used to attach Flow sensors to Pipelines
Smart Band used to attach corrosion sensors to Pipe
Pipe Sensors
10mm Smart Band used to attach Sensors
Pipe Centralisers
Water Pipe Centralisers manufactured by Lankhorst atatched using Smart Band
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