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Project History - Offshore & Renewable

HCL's Smart Products have been used extensively in the Offshore and renewables market for the past 10 years - The range of applications is wide and varied and essential anything that needs clamping can become a potential application for the Smart Band. Areas that rely heavily on the use of high cost non-corrosive Metallic strapping such as Titanium or Alloy 625 are very applicable to the use of the Smart Bands & the Smart Ties. These mainly include cable attachment and the attachment of various brackets sensors or polyurethane products

Bard Wind Farm
ICCP retrofit on Wind Farm - Smart Band Compact & saddles used
Floating Solar Panels
Smart Band used to connect floats on solar panel farm
Rampion Wind Farm 2017
Smart Band Compact used to attach Corrosion Coupons to Wind Farm
Cobscook Bay 2012
Smart Band used to install ORPC Tidal Power unit
Open Hydro 2016 & 2017
Smart Tie 32mm used for cable management on Open Hydro Tidal Turbine
Wind farm 2011
Smart Band used on Wind Farm in Japan
BARD Wind Farm 2012
Smart Band used to attach corrosion protection System to Wind turbine structure
ORPC Alaska 2014
Smart Band used to attach cables to ORPC Tidal Energy Unit in Alaskan river
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