Hose Clamps/Manual Fitting Tools

Manual Fitting Tools

Fitting the Herbie Clip & Ezyclik is simple and effective. The Hose clamps do not have to be installed onto the hose before the hose is attached and can be wrapped around the hose after fitted onto the spigot. All HCL fitting tools are designed and manufactured in-house.

Herbie Clip

The Herbie Clip can be fitted using a simple pair of Swan Neck pliers. Alternatively the client can utilise the HCL Herbie Clip installation tool which provides added measures of control and cosnsistency of fit. Finally HCL are able to supply a simple tool which enables easy removal of the Herbie Clip

Wrap the Herbie Clip around the Hose.

Pre-engage the Herbie Clip by hand.

Use the Herbie Clip fitting Tool for final retention

Remove using the HCL Removal Tool

Swan Neck Pliers

HCL Removal Tool

HCL Manual Fitting Tool

HCL Manual Fitting Tool


The Ezyclik-P can also be fitted using pliers. However users can also utilize the Vertical Fitting Tool manufactured by HCL. The Ezyclik-P can be removed using a simple flat head screwdriver.

Wrap the Ezyclik around the Hose.

Tighten using the Vertical Tool

Remove using Flat Head Screwdriver

Ezyclik Vertical Fitting Tool

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