Hose Clamps

Hose Clamps

Herbie Clips

The Original Double Grip Plastic Hose Clamp

Ezyclik Nylon Hose Clamp

Low Profile Nylon Hose Clamp suitable Alternative to Ear Clamps

Hose Clamp Fitting Tools

Range of Manual Fitting Tools for Herbie Clip & Ezyclik-P

Air Tools for Hose Clamps

Range of Air Tools offerred by HCL for Herbie Clip & Ezyclik-P

Hose Clamp Control Box

Electro-Pneumatic units for High Level Production Installation Control

Distributors of Hose Clamps

Purchasing HCL Hose clamps online and through our Distributors

Nylon Hose Clamp Applications

Where can you use HCL Hose Clamps? 

HCL Specia HoseClamp

HCL can adapt their Hose Clamps to suit your needs

Hose Clamp Technical

HCL provide full Technical Documentation for their Hose Clamps

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