Case History - Downhole


Both The Smart Tie & the Smart Protector have been used extensively around the world for various downhole projects. Whether it be ESP cables, Control Lines bare or encapsulated, Fibre Optic Sensor Cables. Smart Tie & Protector can offer an fast cost effective solution

Colombia ESP Wells - Case Study

HCL have had considerable success in Colombia in the installation of ESP's downhole - please review our Colombian Case History document
Clients cited various reasons for Trialling HCL product
1. Metal Bands – Problems caused by Failure & damage to Cables along with complications in fishing Stainless Steel Product
(Apiay – EcoPetrol)
2. Cost – Cost of alternative metallic cross coupling protectors was higher than the HCL solution –( Caño Limon)
3. Corrosion - In the mature fields with water injection corrosion is a major problem (La Cira-Infantas )
4. Successful previous installation – Clients successful installation in Caño Limon influenced the decision to install on La CiraInfantas

Tendeka Gauge - Australia
Tendeka attaching 11mm encapsulated gauge - Australia
Schlumberger - USA
Schlumberger using SP-300 to attach 1mm square and round cables.
Shell - Baker Hughes
Shell Baker Hughes Netherlands - 11mm Cable
EcoPetrol - Oxy
EcoPetrol - Oxy - ESP Cable Attachment Colombia
Shell - PDO - Weatherford
Shell - PDO - Weatherford - Fibre Optic - Oman
Transocean North Sea - Multiple 11mm cables using SP-200
IODP attaching multiple cables using 19mm Smart Tie
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