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Herbie Clip Fitting and removal - Video

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Ezyclik-P Fitting and removal - Video

In the drive to eliminate error from production lines the control
system has three main features:

Time Delay
Maintains consistent tightening time
Pressure Control
Maintains consistent tightening force

Dry Cycle
Detects tool use without clip being in place
Other features include:
Speed Control
Prevents the tool tightening too rapidly but releases quickly.
Dual Inputs
Tool can be operated using the tool trigger or an auxiliary
device, such as a foot switch.
High Pressure
Designed for use up to 10 bar (145psi)
Air Regulation
Accurate control of tightening force
External Signal Output
A voltage output can be supplied to the production line if so
desired to record tightening results.

The tool can be tailored to suit individual customers needs and
can be supplied with any combination of the main features.
The unit is virtually maintenance free and HCL provides full
backup and servicing support.


CAD Files and Drawings available on request

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Plastic Hose




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Plastic Hose Clamp Air Tools

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Plastic Hose Clamp Control Box for Air Tools

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Herbie Clip Manual Fitting Tool

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Smart Band Tool 2000 Type

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Smart Band Tool 1000 Type

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Smart Band Tool 3000 Type

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