HCL Pile Wrap System

HCL Pile Wrap System

HCL Pile Wrap Protection System being installed by divers using 19mm Smart Band

Smart Band 32mm Compact

Smart Band 32mm Compact

Smart Band Compact used to retrofit cables to offshore wind farm in North Sea

Smart Tie Installed on Pipe

Smart Tie Installed on Pipe

Smart Tie 32mm is being used by Petronas to attach chain Ballast to an HDPE pipe using the 2000-32 Tool

Smart Bands & Ties

Smart Band 32mm Compct - Coiled

HCL has become the market leader in high strength composite polymer banding and strapping solutions. These products are ideal for long life installation in the marine environment but are also often used in onshore applications such as sign fixing and within the Utilities industry. To find out more about the various products available click here

Smart Installation Tools

Smart Band Installation Tools

To install the Smart Bands or Ties the operator will require one of HCL's fitting tools. These tools have been designed by HCL and are manufactured & calibrated in HCL's UK Facility. The tools are designed to be robust, easy to use, lightweight and importantly the operator can fit the bands at high speed. Different types of tools are available for various environments. To find out more click here

Smart Saddles

Piggyback Saddle

HCL are able to provide full consultation, design and manufacture of saddles to be used in conjunction with their strapping products. These can supplied in various materials such as PU, HDPE or PA12 and can be manufactured by machining, casting or moulding. To find out more click here

Smart Protectors

Smart Tie & SP-300 used Downhole

Smart Protectors are used widely in the downhole industry as a cable protection device. Often installed in conjunction with the Smart Tie mid joint and above/below the coupling. Highly wear resistant and simple to install feature have made the Smart Protector an ideal solution for many downhole cable applications. To find out more click here

Pile Protection

SmartBand used on Pile Protection series 100

Smart Band has been used for over 20 years in the Pile Protection Industry for attaching the outer HDPE armour to the pile. The non-corrosive feature of the Smart Band and its ease of use have made it the ideal fastening method within this industry. HCL are able to advise any clients wishing to protect its Marine assets. HCL also work in partnership with many petrolatum tape manufacturers around the world. To find out more click here

Subsea Projects

Smar Bad used to attach CableSubsea

HCL have participated in 100's of projects around the world. Supplying expert advice on sub-sea clamping systems. Smart Bands & Smart Ties have been used by Major Oil companies such as Shell, BP, Exxon, Chevron, Total, Oceaneering, Technip, Subsea7, Ocean Installer and Saipem. Projects include Kaombo, Appomatox, Egina, CLOV. To find out more click here

Technical Support


The Herbie Clip® is a high quality hose clamp made from Nylon 6.6. and offers the largest range of Snap Fit Style Hose Clamps with 38 sizes. The clamp is highly versatile and lends itself to a wide variety of applications meaning that Herbie Clips can be found in Agricultural Machinery, Automotive Engines, White Goods and many other applications.. To find out more click here

Plastic Worm Drive


Designed and manufactured by HCL to the
highest quality the Ezyclamp™ is a highly versatile Nylon Worm Drive Hose Clamp. The Ezyclamp™ is 13mm (½”) wide and available in 5 sizes covering a diameter range of 25mm (1”) to 150mm (6”). It is offered in a choice of materials: PA66 (Nylon 6.6.) for
standard applications & PA12 (Nylon 12) for niche markets such as 5G telecommunications & Subsea. To find out more click here

Production Line Solutions

HCL have developed an advanced range of Production line solutions to enable controlled and consistent installation of their Hose clamps by OEM companies. Among the features are: time delay, pressure control and no faults forward reporting. To find out more click here


HCL Product Literature

Hose Clamps Brochure.JPG

Plastic Hose Clamp Brochure

Hose Clamps Technical.JPG

Plastic Hose




Air Tools Hose Clamps.JPG

Plastic Hose Clamp Air Tools

Control Box Hose Clamps.JPG

Plastic Hose Clamp Control Box for Air Tools

Smart Products Brochure.JPG

Smart Products Brochure

Smart Products Technical.JPG

Smart Products Technical Booklet

Pile Protection.JPG

Pile Protection Systems

Herbie Clip Fitting Tool.JPG

Herbie Clip Manual Fitting Tool

2000 Fitting Tool.JPG

Smart Band Tool 2000 Type

1000 Fitting Tool.JPG

Smart Band Tool 1000 Type

3000 Fitting Tool.JPG

Smart Band Tool 3000 Type

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