Track Record References - VIV Strakes & Fairings

Smart® Band is an ideal clamping solution for Strakes to risers and in particular in the deepwater environment. In these areas the Elasticity of the band and the excellent Hydrostatic Compression data become increasingly important.

Current and past projects where HCL products have been utilised.

  • CLIENTS: Confidential
  • INSTALLATION DATE: January 2014
  • LOCATION: West of Shetland
  • Smart® Band Hybrid system used to install VIV strakes onto risers of DP3 rig working in deep water West of Shetland. Subsequent pulling of the riser showed all Bands remained intact.
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  • CLIENTS: Viv Solutions
  • INSTALLATION DATE: November 2013
  • LOCATION: Trinidad & Tobago
  • Smart® Band 32mm system and Herbie Clips used to attach VIV suppression Smart Strakes™ to a drilling riser with auxiliary lines.
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  • CLIENTS: Heerema
  • LOCATION: Confidential
  • Smart® Band used to attach VIV-strakes to a Caisson.
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