Smart® Band Standard - Offshore Clamping Product

Smart® Band Standard - Offshore Clamping Product

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Smart® Band Standard

The Smart® Band Standard plastic strapping system incorporates a single piece buckle along with the band itself. Although its strength is around 50% of the Hybrid system it is still very strong with break strengths of over 500kg (1100lbs). In comparison with metal banding alternatives It is fully corrosive resistant and very safe and easy to fit for Divers and installation companies.

The Smart® Band is supported by extensive technical data covering all aspects of the offshore & subsea environment. It is considered the ideal solution for pier and jetty pile corrosion protection systems. Anyone who is utilising Stainless Steel strapping or Stainless Steel Band or other types of metal strapping should consider the Smart® Band as an ideal alternative.

Furthermore Smart® Band has been installed successfully subsea for the past 10 years and is made from long life proven material which will last for over 30 years in installation. It is constantly generating its own track record and project reference history.

Applications that should be considered appropriate for Smart® Band mainly centre on the SURF area of the industry but can often have a wider remit. Some applications are listed below

  • Cable Bundling
  • Distributed & Flowline Buoyancy attachment
  • Cable Protection solutions (Half Shells)
  • Cable & Sensor Attachment
  • Pier & Jetty Pile Protection systems

If you require pricing, technical help or further information on our track record please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively we are on hand to provide samples & conduct practical trials & demonstrations at your facility.

Smart Band® Standard

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